The School


ILS Italian Language School is centrally located in the ancient Ravetto building in Palermo, a short distance from the historical centre and the main tourist attractions in the city: theatres, ancient buildings, churches, museums, cinemas, bars and shopping areas.

Located on the first floor of the building, the school is around 700 square metres large and consists of comfortable classrooms equipped with TV, CD player, laptop and MP3 player, a spacious reception, a large meeting room with up to 60 seats, a multimedia room equipped with 20 computers, a library and vending machines.

We also have a smaller school located on via Aquileia, in the north side of Palermo, in a residential area within a 20-minute distance from the city centre. Our second school is sometimes used for Italian language courses during the summer.

The school’s facilities are shared with Italian students who attend English and Spanish language courses. This creates a multicultural environment which encourages meetings and exchanges between people of different nationalities and gives our students the opportunity to make friends and share experiences.

ILS Teaching Methodology

Our methodology is based on modern theories of language teaching: a direct and equal relationship between teachers and students, Italian-only classrooms right from the first lesson, the employment of authentic materials, the use of the inductive method and the application of the communicative approach. Lessons focus on the development of the 4 language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in order to help students learn to communicate with fluency and confidence using the Italian language in real-life situations.



Our lessons are based on the use of various teaching techniques and instruments, which are personalised according to the students’ age, needs and level.
A free entry test assesses the students’ basic language skills, thus allowing them to be placed at the most suitable course level.

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Our lessons are based on Italian-only materials. Our teachers mostly use authentic texts, textbooks and multimedia instruments, which are carefully selected to stimulate students’ participation and encourage them to develop the four language skills: listening, speaking reading and writing. The language items taught are presented in a wider communicative context which includes typical aspects of the Italian culture, as well as Sicilian traditions.


Our teachers are graduate native Italian speakers, qualified to teach Italian to speakers of other languages, sensitive to the culture of origin of each student and ready to meet their requirements and personal needs through a constant interaction with them.


Our staff consists of multilingual friendly people who provide students with full assistance and try to fulfil their needs by welcoming their educational suggestions and requests and offering advice about what to do in their free time.

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