CILS Exams Preparation Courses

Minimum age: 17 ILS placement test
Minimum stay: 1 week ILS pack and course materials
Start date: any Monday Internet access
Class size: max 15 students Full access to school’s facilities
Levels: from beginner to C2 End-of-course certificate


CILS Exams Preparation Courses help students to gain familiarity with the exam structure and to measure themselves against all the examination components through practice activities and mock exams. Lessons are based on the use of materials taken from specific textbooks for the exam preparation and include the analysis of previous exam papers. Classes also focus on grammar revision, vocabulary extension and the development of the four language skills. All lexicon, grammar and structural items are dealt with by taking into account the final exam, in order to help students approach it with more confidence and with no difficulty.

The CILS (Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language), awarded by Siena University for Foreigners and recognised by the Italian Government, attests the degree of competence achieved in Italian as a foreign language and can be used for work placement, Italian teaching and the admission of non-EU students into Italian universities.

Hours per week: 15

Course schedule: Monday to Friday 9.30-12.30, including a 15-minute break (subject to change).

Duration: from 1 to 8 weeks