Teenagers 11-16 years

Minimum stay: 1 week ILS placement test
Start date: any Monday ILS pack and course materials
Class size: max 15 students Internet access
Levels: from beginner to B2 Full access to school’s facilities
  End-of-course certificate


Our Courses for Teenagers focus on the development of the four language skills, with an emphasis on oral comprehension and oral expression. Students are constantly motivated and stimulated to actively participate in the lessons, through an engaging approach based on games, competitions,  simulations,  videos and conversations with the teacher and classmates about interesting and familiar themes, such as family, friends, school, sport, free time, music, Internet, fashion and many others.  During lessons, students learn to interact with more fluency, to communicate more naturally and to use the grammar with more accuracy, while extending their vocabulary as well.


We have the following 3 course types available to teenagers:


Quick Italian

Hours per week: 10

Course schedule: Monday to Friday 09.30-11.30, including a 10-minute break (subject to change)

Duration: from 1 to 24 weeks


General Italian

Hours per week: 20

Course schedule: Monday to Friday 9.30-13.30, including a 15-minute break (subject to change)

Duration: from 1 to 24 weeks


Intensive Italian

Hours per week: 25

Course schedule: Monday to Friday 9.30-13.30 (including a 15-minute break)+ 14.00-15.00 (subject to change).

Duration: from 1 to 8 weeks